Old Salem, Bog Garden, Donkeys and Goat

We found a darling little bed and breakfast on a mini-farm at the edge of Greensboro, NC. It had two donkeys, a fat goat, and three horse-sized dogs that casually peered down upon the dinner table and attempted to sit in Joan’s lap. We even paddled kayaks around a big pond. Greensboro has an intriguing […]

Make Yourself at Home-Koinonia

We’ve only been here four days, but it’s still difficult saying goodbye to new friends. Yesterday evening, I had a lot of work to catch up on in the camper, but the magnetic attraction of community drew me to the playground area where both kids and adults were gathered. A handful of ninth-graders who had […]

Koinonia Farm and Community

Koinonia was erasing racial barriers long before the civil rights movement started. Since the community’s founding in 1942, founder Clarence Jordan treated all people fairly, insisting that blacks and whites live, work, eat and worship together. That didn’t sit well with the Klan, who bombed their farm stands, fired shotguns into their homes and organized […]

A former US President, Koinonia Community, and Wal-Mart … all in one day!

What an epic day in the Deep South! We awoke early in the Wal-Mart parking lot at Americas, Georgia (after a 6-hour drive and 5-hour sleep), boiled some instant oatmeal in our groovy Turtle van, and were thundering down the road to Plains by 6:30. Why such an early departure? To meet with our 39th […]

My story: Why I love to tell your story

Welcome to the Fox & Fiddle! Now that you’re here, I ought to introduce myself, although I much prefer interviewing other people. Here’s a quick peek at the raw materials that contributed to the construction of Fox & Fiddle Productions. My upbringing in the U.S. flatlands was uneventful, apart from Walter Mitty dreams of becoming […]

How “The Fox & Fiddle” got its name

My kids and I were walking beside a lake in North Carolina, brainstorming about a name for the bed and breakfast we were soon to open on a small organic farm in the Appalachian Mountains. The spacious house had real southern charm, and we looked forward to hosting music jams on the wraparound porch overlooking […]

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