NEW BOOK: Finding Intentional Community

by James Werning

Your Journey Home

QUOTES from Finding Intentional Community
Those who live in community say:

It’s actually best to be interdependent, to be in community with other people, to know that we need God together ... We’re called to follow the children, and to know that we need God and other people. — Shane Claiborne, The Simple Way Community

We knew about total commitment to Christ. We knew about commitment to Christ’s work ... But what we didn’t know about was commitment to Christ’s people ... I remember thinking, "I have to take liability for them. I cannot let them become impoverished. I have to be committed to them." That was the beginning of community for us. - Adam Krell, Life Mission Community

God has not given us projects who are poor. He has given us friends. The question is, "Am I willing to develop friendships with people who are not in my social or racial class?" To me, that is one of the most significant parts of discipleship for Christian communities. - Keith Wasserman, Good News Community

Our basic theology is to treat everyone as if they are Jesus. - Bren Dubay, Koinonia Community

Christian community is like the Christian's sanctification. It is a gift of God which we cannot claim. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, "Life Together"

We believe that this [intentional Christian community] is the way God has chosen for our sanctification. - Alleluia Community Covenant

The journey is the destination. We are constantly becoming something ... Beauty is found in the temporal, in the fleeting, in the good, and even in the bad. That is community; the ever-changing, always learning movement of life. — Brandon Mott, Dathouse Community

It’s not necessarily as romantic as everybody imagines it to be. Community is people just trying to live out their lives being a good neighbor and doing that alongside each other. And there’s no magic bullet for ... being intentional and being a good neighbor. - Caz Tod-Pearson, The Simple Way Community


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