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by James Werning


Tears to Water the Garden, by James Werning

It’s The Grapes of Wrath revisited, except now the tables have turned. The Okies are no longer the oppressed, but the oppressors . . . until Tom Joad IV’s empire collapses, leaving him destitute and abandoned. To avoid federal prosecution, he flees the country in pursuit of wild fantasies, finding instead an old friend who holds the key to his ruin or his redemption. Making the courageous choice, Tom sets out with a curious band of misfits on a perilous journey through tropical rainforests, across volcanic slopes, and into the gnashing teeth of La Bestia. In the end, Tom’s international quest brings him back to the best home he never wanted . . . in the hidden heart of America.
Copyright 2018, James Werning

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